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Latest Updates
 Jblack •   2 months ago •  85

Server updates will be moved to the Discord server. Please join the Discord server if you do not want to miss server updates and events, everything will be posted there.

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Minecraft 1.16.3 Update
 Jblack •   3 months ago •  86

Minecraft version 1.16.3 can now join the server. You can go ahead and update.

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Server Update #6
 Jblack •   3 months ago •  86


Spawn has been changed around a bit. NPCs for Creative and Skyblock have been placed in the spawn area. There will be a new hub added soon.


We have added a new Skyblock server Feel free to join and let us know about any suggestions you have. We are building this server from the ground up.


We also have creative plots now! If you feel like playing creative mode then we have a server for you! Chat is cross-server so you can chat w...

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Server Update #5
 Jblack •   4 months ago •  76


Quests will now be changed. The old quests have been removed and we are going to create our own exciting quests. We are moving away from the basic quests completely. Quests will now be given to you from different NPCs. Johan at spawn will have quests for you and so will Tommy at Lakeview spawn. There will also be more NPCs scattered around the server which will provide you with new quests. Please note that we have just added this new system and will add new quests every day for the next few weeks. Quests will give you money, XP, quest points, tokens, and more! Suggestions and ideas are w...

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Server Update #4
 Jblack •   4 months ago •  84

Vote Crates

Vote crates have been added! The first crate we have added is a common crate. You can preview the items a crate contains by left-clicking the crate. Crate keys can be earned by voting. Crates can award you with money, items, claim blocks, tokens, more crate keys, and more! We are in the process of creating more unique crates, suggestions are welcome.

Custom Enchantments

We have added custom enchants! Over 200 mind-blowing enchantments, GKits, and more have been added! Find out more in-game.

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