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IGN: Jblack
2 months ago

Vote Crates

Vote crates have been added! The first crate we have added is a common crate. You can preview the items a crate contains by left-clicking the crate. Crate keys can be earned by voting. Crates can award you with money, items, claim blocks, tokens, more crate keys, and more! We are in the process of creating more unique crates, suggestions are welcome.

Custom Enchantments

We have added custom enchants! Over 200 mind-blowing enchantments, GKits, and more have been added! Find out more in-game.

More Coming Soon!

As you may have noticed we like to put a little more time and effort into configuring the plugins we use. To do this, features are added gradually over time. We make sure everything is tested on our development server. The server is updated daily with plugin updates and config updates, etc. We always do our best to ensure a great gameplay experience.

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