Latest News: SA Crafters Vanilla Survival 1.18 launched! (Friday, 3 Dec 2021)


Welcome to SA Crafters! South Africa's number 1 voted Minecraft server!

SA Crafters is a fun multiplayer Minecraft server that focuses on survival gameplay. We have a custom survival server with many great features as well as a vanilla survival server that only has land claims.

Join our friendly Discord community: Discord Invite Link

Everyone is welcome to join our friendly community.

About our server

SA Crafters is hosted locally in SA, providing incredibly low latency to players from around the country.

We host our network on two powerful dedicated servers hosted in the xneelo datacenter in Gauteng. SA Crafters is always online 24/7.

We are always working on improving and adding new content to the network.

Providing a quality environment

We provide a quality playing environment that is lag-free, with a friendly community and staff team.

We have two survival servers, Diamond and Emerald.

Diamond Survival is a modified (not forge) server with extra content and features such as in-game money, shops, player mall, custom enchants, land claims, towns, and much more.

Emerald Survival is pure Minecraft (Vanilla) without any extra content or features other than land claiming.

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    May 8, 2021
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