Banned For "griefing"

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I was banned today for apparent griefing. The case that was apparently griefing, was yesterday night where i discovered 2 shulker boxes outside of Koosie's claim, and to my knowledge. Because of such popups shown in the above image that give unclear information. After this situation i was warned by koosie and square, and was forced to return their shulkers. And so i did, the next day. Which is today 3 July the topic was brought up again, after staff were saying i was making an issue again, when i mentioned that Koosie was using his /tp unfairly and using it to travel to other players for trades and other things excluding any staff reasoning at all. I believe that this ban is definetly not deserved, and fear was very quick to ban me before he even heard the whole story.


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Bean, you have been previously banned, which means you are on thin ice, you have been given multiple warning after being unbanned. You are not welcome back again.
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