Banned for no reason what so ever.

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I'm super disappointed in this server and how some members are being treated. And I have a very good example of this. Although I was wrong with the way I talked to some members, I did deserve my role to be taken away. But for me being banned without given a reason is just not right. I spent almost R1000.00 to support the server the best I could and this is what I get. I'll need a VALID reason as to why I'm banned and removed from the Discord server. This is unprofessional of you and all for personal gain.


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Thank you for taking the time to make a ban appeal. We always welcome everyone to our community whether they are from South Africa or any other country. We keep our community a friendly and enjoyable place to play MC and take a firm stance against any threats or toxicity caused. We do not run our servers for personal gain, but instead to provide a quality local South African Minecraft network that is professionally run and of superior quality.

A few of the reasons you have been banned
  • False accusations about our server staff team such as they don't contribute anything towards the server, abuse their powers, rude to players and falsely spreading this news to players in our Discord server.
  • Calling the way we pick our staff team unfair and receiving complaints from players that you are spreading fabricated stories about SA Crafters to players in our Discord server.
  • Falsely claiming everyone that plays on SA Crafters has an issue with a certain player, afterward when requesting more info you said it was everybody as in you and your friend - and falsely spreading this news to players in our Discord server.
  • Calling out staff for not doing any work on the server when they have been extremely busy and putting a large number of hours into providing support, helping players in-game, replying to tickets, moderating in-game chat and Discord chats, troubleshooting, fixing bugs providing ideas for server improvements.
  • Claiming certain staff jumped ranks which is unfair when they started as Helper and falsely spreading this news to players in our Discord server.
  • Claiming it's unfair that staff get promoted in such a short time when the two promoted staff at the time had been promoted after 3 months of being Helpers and falsely spreading this news to players in our Discord server.
  • Player complaints providing screenshots of you being extremely rude to them and belittling them, as server staff this is not how we treat our players whether they have been rude to you or not.
  • Player complaints of you being rude to them via our Discord voice server channels.
  • Player complaints of you calling them names they have asked you not to call them.
  • Player complaints of you continuously teleporting to them after asking you not to.
Please note that complaints received from players are from players that have gained a good reputation on the server as being kind and helpful to others and have been playing on the server for a very long time. Multiple complaints had been received in a short time and one of our players has even left due to the conversation you had with them. As said before, we take a firm stance against any threats or toxicity and will not allow any player to make another player unhappy, feel bullied, or feel harassed, or feel unwelcome.

We will initiate a meeting with the parties involved and a decision will be made to accept your ban appeal or not based on the outcome of the meeting.

You will be contacted via Discord if your ban appeal is approved.

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