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Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and had a good weekend.

We have recently had the suggestion to move from a server-based economy to a more of a player-based economy, this is a great suggestion and has the potential to improve the multiplayer gameplay significantly.

The most significant change would be not buying many of the items from the server /shop menu, this means that buying those items from the /shop menu will be disabled except for spawners and eggs and any non-obtainable items.

The potential advantages to this would be:
  • the player mall would be more practical and used more by players to buy items that they need.
  • your player mall shop would make you more in-game money.
  • instead of the server supplying these items, the players will provide these items, which gives your more to do and keeps the gameplay fun.
  • you can sell a broader range of items in your shop because it is not all obtainable from the server shop. Your shop can now be more exciting.
  • it will be easier to make money as people spend money on more accessible items, such as wood, food, etc., which you can supply.
  • increased activity in /pshops menu, players will browse the menu more often, which will lead to you selling more items.
  • when there is a low demand for things, you can buy them at lower prices. When the demand is high on certain items, you can sell them for more.
  • making money would be more fun, not just grinding at an emerald farm for hours. You can run a business and farm things that people need.
  • chest shops can be created anywhere, you can make your own shop and set a /pwarp to it. (can even be done now)
The disadvantages would be:
  • it will no longer be easy to obtain any block from the /shop menu.
  • it may be hard to get certain blocks if someone is not selling them or shops are out of stock.
  • you have to browse through shops to find items that you require.
Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages and the fundamental changes, I would love to hear your opinion on this. Do you like the idea of a player-based economy, or do you prefer the current server-based economy?

Please post your reply below.
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I 100% agree with this possible change, our servers is moving to a more interactive and friendly environment. This would be amazing.


I enjoy having my ores shop at the mall on a small scale, but one cannot really make a living out of it if you want to be in the top 10 richest players. That is what grinding and mob farming is for. Also, when i am busy with a build, i don't want to fly around looking for blocks to build with, i want to buy it from the shop and build while i still feel creative. Players that don't want to mob grind for an income, are definitely not going to put in the effort to keep a shop stocked. Call me spoilt rotten, but i enjoy the communistic server based economy.


The "communistic server based economy" is very handy don't get me wrong , its how I managed to build a whole base and bulldoze it and build a new one 3 times already. But I feel that a lot of the players on the server would like too build big farms etc which is kind of moot atm due too the server /shop command.

As for keeping player shops stocked , I really dont think that will be an issue as there are a lot of dedicated players that will make a buuuunch of farms to keep them stocked and most likely more than one person will be stocking a certain item anyway.

When it comes to chasing /baltop I also think a lot of players would enjoy it a bit more in having to work the player market to make money than just mindlessly standing there hitting a bunch of vindicators that spawn. Spawners should definitely be available to buy in the shop but I personally feel either the spawner price should be raised considerably or the selling price of emerald should be nerfed .

As Xstatic said , creating a player based economy would create much more interaction in the player base which I think would ultimately lead to the server growing. I mean I am honest in saying that the /shop command is one of the main reason my playtime on the server has dropped significantly as I feel there is no more challenge/point in building farms etc
I'd like to point out that raising the price of spawners would only have an impact on anyone buying them in the future and does nothing to address all the public and private farm.

If anything I think the pointless spawners should be removed and more beneficial ones added. For example what is the point of a parrot spawner with ai disabled? A slime spawner would actually have use.

If the current economy is to be addressed maybe change the per chunk cap from 20 to 10 to reduce drop rates
Also someone above mentioned people just making a run on baltop, witch is easy to do with a 50 use 2x wand. You could make a mall shop buying emeralds at prices much higher than anyone else and still make money reselling to /shop with the 2x wand
And jump up baltop fast. A cap on pshop prices could help balance it.
I also think this would facilitate the need to regen the map every so often as rarer blocks get mined up. Elytras and hearts of the seas seem to have all been found already